Getting started with Spectrum Scale Developer Edition – Downloading

Previously I wrote about IBM’s Spectrum Scale Developer Edition.

To get the code, you start by navigating to

Spectrum Scale product page

Click on the “Try free developer edition” button near the top. This will lead you to a form to either create an IBM account or log in using your existing “IBMid”:

If you create an account for yourself, you will be asked to provide your name and a valid email address, then be asked to create a password. Since I already have an IBM account with an associated email address, I will use my IBMid to log in:

Here I type in my existing “IBMid” and press “Continue”. That leads me to a page where I enter my password:

After I entered my password and pressed “Continue”, I am asked to confirm I understand the IBMid privacy policy.

As always, you should be sure you understand the policy. Assuming you do, and you acknowledge you are old enough, you press “Proceed” to verify that your email address is really a valid email address you own. A verification code, good for 20 minutes, will be emailed to the address you’ve associated with your IBMid. Please enter it:

Now you will be asked how IBM can contact you, for marketing purposes.

You do not need to agree to any further communication to use the Spectrum Scale Developer Edition! I did not consent to any further communication, and pressed “Continue” to get to the download link:

Go ahead and press the link! Here it reads “Spectrum Scale Developer Edition”. Since I did this using Safari on MacOS, I am also asked by Safari to confirm that I am allowing this download:

Finally we are downloading! This is over 2 GiB, so depending on your Internet connection, it may take a few minutes, or longer. The download is actually a ZIP file, which your browser may or may not unpack automatically – usually you can unpack it if you “Open” it. When I am done, I see the following folder:

The file that ends with *-install is a the actual Spectrum Scale “installer”, a giant Bourne shell script that when executed will confirm that you accept the license, then unpacks its contents under /usr/lpp/mmfs. You will want to put this installer file on the systems where you plan to actually install Spectrum Scale.

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